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Born in Claresholm, Alberta, Cathy Long has her roots in the rural southern Alberta land. Her art reflects a spectrum of subjects and they are as multi-faceted as her influences. Drawing from the favorites of the big west skies, the people, the history, to foothills, mountains, and flowers.Cathy sold her first painting at the age of twelve.
In the mid seventies after painting many portraits and commissions, she attended Vancouver's British Columbia Emily Carr and Languara Art Universities.

On her return to Alberta she taught drawing and painting to children and adults privately and in three counties. She also attended the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and graduated with Honors as a Commercial Signmaker. She owned a modest sign shop in the Nisku/Leduc Industrial Park.She hand lettered many signs including truck and industrial tanks as well as show card and sprayed illuminated signs..She was an accomplished airbrush artist and had many commissions on vehicles. This type of work is too heavy for her now.
During her years in the heart of Alberta's oil patch, Cathy organized and managed a large fundraising project for the Leduc/Devon Oilfield Museum. These images can be viewed in her gallery section and only purchased direct by contacting her.( pre-printed Limited Editions and or larger sizes than listed here.) This project has raised just under $10,000 dollars for the Museum.
Cathy has been a volunteer for many community based organizations such as churches (art director) drama societies(set designer), and as a leader for the Junior Forest Wardens of Alberta. Her paintings are enjoyed in many homes, corporate offices, a hospital, a museum and two school divisions as well as many government locations. Many have been chosen as presentation gifts. These have gone to several officials including the Former Alberta Premier the Honorable Ralph Klein and the then Minister of Energy the Honorable Pat Conrad-Black and MP Albert Klapstien. A portrait of Chief Crowfoot was also a presentation gift to the Blackfoot Siksika First Nation. During her years at the Alberta Business Research Newspaper she featured a column called Art Panache that featured interviews with great artists such as Loren Chabot and Pierre August Renoir's grandson.
Cathy works in acrylic, silk dyes, charcoal, powdered and pressed graphite, pen and inks and likes to work on canvas, paper, fabrics,and
masonite. She currently accepts commissions and sells prints. She is happy to be a member of Fine Art America.
Cathy is also an Actor and her acting CV/Bio is available if you request by email. (Netflix, docudramas, Testimony The Fanny Crosby Story on U-Tube.) Cathy was cast as Mercy Crosby mother of Fanny Crosby, an adviser to 5 USA Presidents and prolific songwriter who was blinded at 6 months of age.Cathy has been in acting for many years and is currently employed by Alberta Health Services as a Simulation Confederate Actor.

Cathy is a back up vocalist, hand drummer and harmonica player. She played at Lileth Fair, Toronto and Edmonton Klondike Days with Laura Langstaff and Summer Sage. She plays on a regular basis at the West Edmonton Music Society where she has been a member for 11 years.She also played with Dirty Larry and the Muddy Maidens. You can view her harmonica playing on U-Tube,
West Edmonton Music Society Guest


Roses Floating by Cathy Long


Glad To Be Alive by Cathy Long


Birds of Paradise by Cathy Long


Ellen of Yorkshire by Cathy Long


Solitude by Cathy Long


Yellow Roses by Cathy Long


Vincent Remembered by Cathy Long


Stargazer lily by Cathy Long


Seabreeze Beach by Cathy Long


Iris Number One by Cathy Long


Iris Number Three by Cathy Long


Iris Number Two by Cathy Long


Three Sisters in Pink by Cathy Long


Mount Rundle In Pink by Cathy Long


Big Sur by Cathy Long


The Gift by Cathy Long


Organic Ice Cream by Cathy Long


Break Free by Cathy Long


Buddy Plays Guitar by Cathy Long


Urban Meets Rural by Cathy Long


Yellow pepper Woman by Cathy Long


Curious Kitty by Cathy Long


Funky frog by Cathy Long


Painted Pony by Cathy Long


MR.TEE by Cathy Long


Romantic Notions by Cathy Long


Too Young To Be This Old by Cathy Long


Private Commission by Cathy Long


Portrait by Cathy Long


Self Portrait by Cathy Long


Bending the Notes by Cathy Long


Off the Opium by Cathy Long


Birch by Cathy Long


Portait Commission by Cathy Long


Corn Woman by Cathy Long


To The Mission Field by Cathy Long


Sophia by Cathy Long


Portrait Commission by Cathy Long


Kim by Cathy Long



Walks Far Woman by Cathy Long


Pain of Passage by Cathy Long


Alope Wife of Geronimo by Cathy Long


Basque Man With Pipe by Cathy Long


Old Boots by Cathy Long


A Winter Path by Cathy Long


Winter Bridge by Cathy Long


The Voyager Lounge by Cathy Long


Texaco Billboard by Cathy Long